Bathroom Flooring: Vinyl Floor Tiles Or Ceramic Tiles?

There are several flooring options for bathrooms that can be installed by anybody with a certain degree of familiarity with DIY, but two of the most popular ones are without a doubt vinyl floor tiles and ceramic (or porcelain) tiles. Both have their advantages and their disadvantages, and choosing one over the other will depend … Read moreBathroom Flooring: Vinyl Floor Tiles Or Ceramic Tiles?

Pros and Cons of Wood Plank Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl wood planks are a hybrid between vinyl sheet flooring and pell and stick vinyl square tiles. Resilient as the first, but as easy to install as the second, it also avoid the checkerboard effect vinyl tiles can produce. Wood plank vinyl flooring has a similar format to hardwood laminate flooring, and comes as planks … Read morePros and Cons of Wood Plank Vinyl Flooring

Benefits of Vinyl Flooring For Bathroom

One of the areas of the home where vinyl tile flooring really shines is on bathrooms and other rooms with high humidity levels. Installing vinyl floors on your bathroom is cost effective, easy to maintain and durable. And it also looks great, and can match the craziest or most conservative home décor styles. If you … Read moreBenefits of Vinyl Flooring For Bathroom

How Do You Remove Vinyl Flooring

All the good things come to an end, and vinyl flooring is not an exception. Whether you are tired of your existing vinyl design, want to install a new one or opt for a totally different flooring material, learning about removing vinyl floor is almost as important as learning how to install vinyl flooring tiles. … Read moreHow Do You Remove Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Commercial Flooring

Vinyl floor tiles are a fast and easy way of transforming a room. They are also quite inexpensive, which has made them one of the most popular choices for home-owners looking to renovate on a budget. However, vinyl commercial flooring is also a great alternative particularly if you want to renovate as quickly as possible to minimize … Read moreVinyl Commercial Flooring