Benefits of Vinyl Flooring For Bathroom

One of the areas of the home where vinyl tile flooring really shines is on bathrooms and other rooms with high humidity levels. Installing vinyl floors on your bathroom is cost effective, easy to maintain and durable. And it also looks great, and can match the craziest or most conservative home décor styles. If you can design it, there is most likely a matching vinyl design to suit your flooring needs. The benefits of vinyl flooring for bathrooms are many:

Vinyl Flooring Is Non Slip And Comfortable

The bathroom is one of those places where you will spend a lot of time barefoot, navigating your way on a oftentimes wet floor. Vinyl flooring is perfect for bathrooms because it can be treated to be non-slip, making it a much safer alternative than other floor surfaces such as natural stone or even some ceramic materials. Vinyl flooring is also very comfortable underfoot and reduces noise, which is perfect when you are walking barefoot in your way to a bath.

Vinyl Floor Tiles Are Easy To Install

The installation of vinyl flooring is quite simple, with a large variety of self-adhesive, peel and stick tiles that can be installed by people without previous experience or training and is pretty quick. This means you can realistically have a new bathroom on a weekend, instead of having to spend several days without access to the bathtub.

Low Cost Bathroom Flooring? Sure!

Vinyl flooring for bathrooms is very low cost, both in terms of materials and installation costs if you do it yourself. You can buy tiles for less than $1 for square meter, though if you go after luxury bathroom vinyl tiles the prices will logically be higher. However, even high end vinyl flooring is much cheaper than ceramic, wood or stone, and easier to install.

Cleaning Vinyl Flooring Is Easy

The floor on your bathroom is subjected to lots of abuse, from spills to water pools after the children had a bath. It also needs to be kept clean because otherwise it can become a breeding ground for bacteria and mould. Vinyl flooring is easy to clean and doesn’t require specialist care or the use of difficult to find cleaning substances. Warm water and detergent works just fine, the milder the better. If you mop spills as soon as possible and vacuum regularly you shouldn’t need to use heavy duty stuff. If you install no-wax vinyl tiles don’t use products that contain wax and it will keep its shine through the year.

Vinyl Comes In All Colours And Styles

Do you want a retro bathroom? Modernistic one? Want to imitate the luxury feeling of natural marble and granite stones? Whatever effect you want to create on your bathroom, you will be able to find a vinyl tile to go with it. You can find high end vinyl tiles that look a lot like the real thing, without the maintenance. So if you always wanted a wood floor on your bathroom, but are scared of the costs and the maintenance then vinyl flooring can be your best alternative.

Vinyl Surfaces Are Water Resistant

Last but not least, one of the major benefits of vinyl flooring for bathrooms is that is highly resistant to water and humidity. Unlike natural stone or wood, vinyl is non-porous and impervious to water, provided it has been correctly installed and there are no gaps between the tiles. This means casual splashing from the bathtub won’t have you running for the mop, though you may want to clean up spills as quick as possible so they don’t dry into hard to remove stains.

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