How to Remove Floor Tiles

Before you can install your new flooring, you need to get rid of the old one. Learning how to remove floor tiles quickly and efficiently will save you lots of time and money, even if you choose to have the floor installed by somebody else. Depending on the type of tile, this process can take … Read moreHow to Remove Floor Tiles

Luxury Vinyl Tile VS Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles have always been a popular choice for household flooring, particularly in warmer climates and rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom. However, new materials such as luxury vinyl tile offer many advantages over ceramic and are easily accessible at any home improvement store or over the internet. They are also easier to install … Read moreLuxury Vinyl Tile VS Ceramic Tiles

Bathroom Flooring: Vinyl Floor Tiles Or Ceramic Tiles?

There are several flooring options for bathrooms that can be installed by anybody with a certain degree of familiarity with DIY, but two of the most popular ones are without a doubt vinyl floor tiles and ceramic (or porcelain) tiles. Both have their advantages and their disadvantages, and choosing one over the other will depend … Read moreBathroom Flooring: Vinyl Floor Tiles Or Ceramic Tiles?