Garage Vinyl Tile Flooring

When thinking about garage flooring options, the main requirements are for a material that is water, flame and stain resistant, slip-proof and durable even in the semi-outdoor conditions of a garage. Vinyl garage floor tiles are a cheap and easy way to fulfil all those requirements, and they also allow the homeowner to be creative … Read more Garage Vinyl Tile Flooring

Pros and Cons of Wood Plank Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl wood planks are a hybrid between vinyl sheet flooring and pell and stick vinyl square tiles. Resilient as the first, but as easy to install as the second, it also avoid the checkerboard effect vinyl tiles can produce. Wood plank vinyl flooring has a similar format to hardwood laminate flooring, and comes as planks … Read more Pros and Cons of Wood Plank Vinyl Flooring

Why Choose Vinyl Kitchen Tile Flooring

The kitchen floor is usually one of the areas of the house that needs more cleaning and has higher requirements in terms of hygiene. After all, nobody wants to make dinner in dirty environment fill of bacteria! Choosing vinyl flooring for kitchen has become a very popular option because is easy to clean and resistant … Read more Why Choose Vinyl Kitchen Tile Flooring

How to Clean Vinyl Flooring

If you hate the idea of scrubbing your floors to keep them shiny, you should consider installing vinyl tile floors. How to clean vinyl flooring? Cleaning vinyl tile floors is easy and quick. You don’t even need a special vinyl tile cleaner, mild soap and warm water will do just fine. In order to keep … Read more How to Clean Vinyl Flooring

Benefits of Vinyl Flooring For Bathroom

One of the areas of the home where vinyl tile flooring really shines is on bathrooms and other rooms with high humidity levels. Installing vinyl floors on your bathroom is cost effective, easy to maintain and durable. And it also looks great, and can match the craziest or most conservative home décor styles. If you … Read more Benefits of Vinyl Flooring For Bathroom

Vinyl Commercial Flooring

Vinyl floor tiles are a fast and easy way of transforming a room. They are also quite inexpensive, which has made them one of the most popular choices for home-owners looking to renovate on a budget. However, vinyl commercial flooring is also a great alternative particularly if you want to renovate as quickly as possible to minimize … Read more Vinyl Commercial Flooring