The Secret To Laying Vinyl Floor Over Old Vinyl Floor

Vinyl flooring is cheap, cost effective and perfect for areas such as kitchen or bathroom that have to deal with high levels of humidity. However, after a few years it is likely that you will need to replace your old flooring… if you choose to try your hand at laying vinyl floor over old vinyl read this article … Read moreThe Secret To Laying Vinyl Floor Over Old Vinyl Floor

How to Remove Floor Tiles

Before you can install your new flooring, you need to get rid of the old one. Learning how to remove floor tiles quickly and efficiently will save you lots of time and money, even if you choose to have the floor installed by somebody else. Depending on the type of tile, this process can take … Read moreHow to Remove Floor Tiles

Luxury Vinyl Tile VS Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles have always been a popular choice for household flooring, particularly in warmer climates and rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom. However, new materials such as luxury vinyl tile offer many advantages over ceramic and are easily accessible at any home improvement store or over the internet. They are also easier to install … Read moreLuxury Vinyl Tile VS Ceramic Tiles

Bathroom Flooring: Vinyl Floor Tiles Or Ceramic Tiles?

There are several flooring options for bathrooms that can be installed by anybody with a certain degree of familiarity with DIY, but two of the most popular ones are without a doubt vinyl floor tiles and ceramic (or porcelain) tiles. Both have their advantages and their disadvantages, and choosing one over the other will depend … Read moreBathroom Flooring: Vinyl Floor Tiles Or Ceramic Tiles?

The Best Cheap Garage Flooring Choices

You can have cheap garage flooring without sacrificing quality, as long as you are aware of your choices and know where to cut costs without sacrificing quality. Choosing high quality flooring for your garage means it will be able to withstand the tough wear and tear this kind of surface usually suffers, but there are … Read moreThe Best Cheap Garage Flooring Choices

Five Home Decorating Tips

They say a change is as good as a holiday. While changing your home does not make you feel like you are lying on a beach sipping Pina Colcada’s, the change will keep your home looking fresh and exciting.  Here are five home decorating tips: Number One – Lights Fittings and Bulbs One of the … Read moreFive Home Decorating Tips

5 Ways To Improve A Room On A Budget

If you’re happier when you’re out of the house than when you’re in it, then don’t despair. Brightening up your home can be fun – and if you have a small budget, remember that making some small changes needn’t cost much at all. You may not be able to completely redecorate and invest in new … Read more5 Ways To Improve A Room On A Budget

Installing Vinyl Over Vinyl Sheets

Vinyl tiles are an easy and affordable way of giving a room a totally new look. They are easier to install than vinyl sheets, and if you are not very experienced at DIY they are definitely the best option. But if you already have a vinyl floor, a common concern is whether installing vinyl over … Read moreInstalling Vinyl Over Vinyl Sheets

How To Install Vinyl Floors

Vinyl flooring comes in many different formats, suitable for installation by people with different levels of DIY expertise. Peel and stick vinyl tile squares are probably the easiest and most affordable way of laying vinyl floor. You can buy them in almost any colour or pattern at almost any home improvement store or over the … Read moreHow To Install Vinyl Floors