Vinyl Tile Squares: Give Your Home An Easy Makeover

Vinyl flooring has become a very popular choice of material for home-owners or businesses who want to change how a space looks without spending a fortune. Of all the different types of vinyl flooring, peel and stick vinyl tile squares are the most affordable, easy to install and require little care to look fantastic for years.

Vinyl tile squares usually come in packs, and the sizes vary depending on the decorative effect sought but range between 12 and 16 inches. Peel and stick vinyl tiles can be glued to any suitable surface without having to purchase special adhesive, so they are most suitable for people who don’t have a lot of experience in DIY but still want to give their kitchen or bathroom a makeover.

Choose Vinyl Luxury Tile For Realistic Effects

Adhesive vinyl tiles are man-made, and as such come in all sorts of styles and patterns. If you are looking for a natural effect, you can choose vinyl tiles that imitate hardwood or stone, but if you want a more modern look complex patterns and bright artificial colours are also easy to find. You can also combine differently coloured tiles to create a checkers pattern, or create a focal point in the room by using vinyl tiles in a contrasting tone. Vinyl luxury tiles are also an option for truly high-end finishes and unique patterns that can compete in beauty with marble or hardwood, at a fraction of the price.

If you are more experienced at DIY and want to avoid the typical tiled look of vinyl tiles you may also want to consider vinyl sheet flooring instead. However, you may find that sheet vinyl is more difficult to handle or install and in most cases it will require using adhesive for vinyl, which can get a bit messy. However, if you want to achieve a look similar to hardwood that wouldn’t be achievable with tiles, vinyl sheets or blanks are possibly the next best option.

Installation Requirements For Self Adhesive Vinyl Tile Squares

The first few tiles
The first few tiles (Photo credit: ang.d)

Adhesive vinyl tiles can be glued to any surface that is clean, dry and flat, however, it cannot be installed over carpet so if you want to replace your carpets you will need to remove them first. If you are installing over concrete you may need to repair cracks and low spots using a concrete filler as the surface needs to be absolutely flat for the tiles to stick correctly. Self-levelling compounds are also useful to achieve the right surface before you being laying vinyl floor. Installing vinyl flooring is a very achievable DIY project, even for people without lots of previous experience.

Buying vinyl tile squares is easy and doesn’t require access to trade limited suppliers, though you may find that the best prices are found on wholesale stores. They can be found at most home improvement stores or even over the Internet, and high quality manufacturers even offer lifetime guarantee for domestic use. If you decide to actually hire somebody to install your new flooring for you, make sure to ask them if there’s the possibility of them buying them at a lower price from trade suppliers, as they may have access to deals not available to the general public.

While vinyl tile squares are made of synthetic materials they are every bit as durable and good looking as their natural counterparts. They are easy to clean with just soapy water, and resistant to corrosion and damage. It is true that only some vinyl luxury tile manufacturers can actually create tiles that could be confused with stone or natural wood, but even then they are a perfectly good option if you want to quickly change how your home looks without spending a lot of money or weeks enduring renovation work.

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