Luxury Vinyl Tile VS Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles have always been a popular choice for household flooring, particularly in warmer climates and rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom. However, new materials such as luxury vinyl tile offer many advantages over ceramic and are easily accessible at any home improvement store or over the internet. They are also easier to install as a DIY project than tiles, as they come in self-adhesive formats that don’t require thin-set or grout which may be difficult to handle for those new to DIY home improvement.

Open Studios Day 5 - Classic Vinyl Flooring
Open Studios Day 5 – Classic Vinyl Flooring (Photo credit: Jacob Whittaker)

There are many other benefits to luxury vinyl tile besides the ease of installation. For example, did you know that this material is soft and warm under your feet, naturally? This makes it perfect for a bathroom or other areas where you will be walking barefoot. It can also be installed with or without grout, in case the idea of cleaning grout regularly doesn’t appeal to you. If you install vinyl tiles with grout most people will confuse them with high quality porcelain, just softer and warmer and less likely to cause people to slip.

Cleaning luxury vinyl tile is also a breeze. This kind of flooring material comes with stain resistant finishings, and fade or wear through warranties that make them a great investment. If you buy an extra pack of luxury tiles when you install the floor you can also use them to replace any tile that chips or cracks. With ceramic tile, if a chip or crack occurs you are stuck with it, and if it happens in a very visible part of the room you may end up having to replace the entire floor which isn’t cheap or convenient. Vinyl is also resistant to water and humidity, so you won’t need to fear accidental spills like you would do if you had installed wood or natural stone tiles.

Luxury vinyl tiles are very versatile. They come in a variety of styles and colours, from 70s psychedelic patterns to more traditional wood and stone imitation. They can be installed with or without grout, though if you choose to install them without the space between the tiles may accumulate dirt, so you will need to be extra careful about keeping it clean. This effect is particularly visible on light coloured vinyl tiles. You can also choose to install a combination of different colours to create a unique pattern on your floor. And if you want, you can combine vinyl luxury planks with tiles to create a wood and tile look that will look like you hired a team of professionals to design your house.

The fact that luxury vinyl tile is affordable doesn’t mean you are more limited in terms of design than when using real tile. You can create inlays, borders and any design your imagination can come up with. This material has excellent flooring properties, and they don’t look cheap or fake looking like older and cheaper vinyl tiles. It is well worth keeping your options open when choosing a new type of flooring tile for your home, as luxury vinyl tile is a great alternative to more traditional materials and offers many benefits.

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