How to Clean Vinyl Flooring

If you hate the idea of scrubbing your floors to keep them shiny, you should consider installing vinyl tile floors. How to clean vinyl flooring? Cleaning vinyl tile floors is easy and quick. You don’t even need a special vinyl tile cleaner, mild soap and warm water will do just fine. In order to keep your vinyl floors in perfect condition keep in mind the following:

Keep Vinyl Tile Flooring as Clean as Possible

If you want your floor to look as new for years, vinyl tile cleaning is all about cleaning regularly but with low intensity methods. Make sure you sweep and vacuum regularly, to avoid dust settling on the vinyl and potentially scratching the finish away.

Prevention Goes a Long Way

One of the best ways of keeping your vinyl looking great is making sure you don’t walk inside the house with a lot of dirt on your shoes. A mat on the front door will go a long way towards keeping your vinyl looking pristine for longer. Dirty and small stones can scratch the vinyl surface, and the more scratches the more dirt that will accumulate in them.

Cleaning Vinyl Tile

To clean vinyl tile flooring, the best tools are a mop and warm water. Make sure you don’t let the water form pools, as they could get into the cracks between the tiles and affect the glue. If you want to clean vinyl flooring more deeply, a mild solution of floor cleaner and warm water will do the trick. Another option is mixing a bit of water and vinegar, and using laundry detergent and water for in-depth cleaning once a week.

How To Clean Vinyl Tile That Is Really Dirty

Most of the time you should be able to clean your vinyl floor with just a bit of water. For very stubborn dirt, try mixing a bit of ammonia with warm water and use that to clean the entire floor, or spot clean particularly dirty areas with a more concentrated mix. However, make sure to use water to clean the floor afterwards, and always do this with the windows open as ammonia fumes are toxic. You can also use bleach instead of ammonia.

Wax Is Not Going To Help

Waxing vinyl floors is, in most cases, a bad idea unless your vinyl manufacturer recommends it. But what people forget is that many mop-and-go type of products actually have some wax in them to add shine. The only result you will get from using those products for vinyl tile cleaning is a layer of dirty waxy residue dampening the shine of your vinyl flooring.

Protect Vinyl Tile Flooring With Vinyl Floor Sealer

If your vinyl floors are very dirty, they probably have lots of small scratches that are like tiny dirt magnets. A commercial acrylic finish can be applied once the floors are totally clean and left to dry, giving you a glossy floor that stays clean for longer and looks much better.

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