Cheapest Vinyl Flooring: A Quick Style Fix For Your House

Successful home remodelling on a budget often involves searching around for the best prices on materials, and choosing styles and elements that don’t carry hefty installation costs. Vinyl flooring gets high marks on both regards: the cheapest vinyl floor tiles can cost as low as $1 per square foot, and it can easily be installed by yourself without the need of paying a specialist. Vinyl flooring also offers the benefit of an endless variety of colours and styles that fit any home décor style. If you are looking for the cheapest vinyl flooring, the Internet is often the place to find the best deals.

Vinyl Flooring For Bathrooms

Vinyl has become a popular choice when talking about bathroom flooring for many reasons. Bathroom vinyl flooring is resistant to water and warm to the touch, and comes in many finishes including non-slip or rubber bathroom flooring, which is an added benefit, particularly for the elderly or people with children. Most people prefer to use bathroom flooring vinyl tiles because they are easier to install than rolls, and often can be made to match the ceramic tiles on the walls. Vinyl is also comfortable to walk on, which means it’s nicer than porcelain tile when you need to walk on it barefoot, so this makes it perfect for a bathroom.

When installing vinyl tile in bathrooms it is extremely important to make sure the base surface is perfectly dry, which can be an issue if your bathroom is not very well ventilated or somebody has used it to take a bath just a few hours before you start working. Either do it first thing in the morning, or make sure everybody knows that the bathroom is off limits until you have finished installing your new vinyl floor. Some people opt to put heaters to dry the room before starting work.


Vinyl Bathroom Flooring Ideas

The sky is the limit when talking about the range of colours and textures of bathroom vinyl floor tiles. From ultra-modern, glossy finishes in primary colours to marble imitation, vinyl caters to all tastes. If you love the look of ceramic tile, remember that you can install groutable vinyl tile that looks very similar, but it’s much easier to install.

Light coloured, glossy vinyl tiles can make a small bathroom look much bigger, particularly if you combine them with bright colours on your towels, and light wood textures on cabinets and furniture. While vinyl can imitate natural stone, the cheapest vinyl tiles are not going to trick anybody so it’s better to embrace the natural texture of this material and play the bright colours and glossy textures to your advantage, instead of trying to get a bad imitation of granite or marble that won’t fool anybody.

Vinyl Flooring That Looks Like Hardwood

Love the look of wood, but can’t afford it or are worried that your dog will make a mess of it? Wood vinyl tiles are a popular and affordable option for homeowners looking for pet friendly flooring on a budget. While is true that really cheap vinyl floor tiles won’t fool anybody, vinyl wood planks (particularly hard-wear floating models) imitate wood much better and are easy to clean or even replace if an accident happens.

Wood Vinyl Tiles

You can find vinyl flooring that looks like hardwood, bamboo or even exotic woods that wouldn’t normally be used for flooring. Most people choose to install this kind of flooring instead of laminate wood, as it’s easier to install and cheaper. Keep in mind that it’s very difficult to imitate the natural grain of real wood, where each plank is different, but you can accomplish a similar effect by making sure the tiles are distributed in random patterns, or mixing tiles from different packages.

Classic Styles on Vinyl Flooring

Many people choose vinyl flooring tiles because they can be made to look like stone or ceramic tiles but are cheaper and easier to maintain, as well as more comfortable to walk on barefoot and less slippery when wet. If you are looking for a floor that won’t compete for attention with the rest of the room and will give your home a classic elegance, black and checkerboard vinyl floor tile are two very popular options, as they go with any wall colour.

Black Vinyl Floor Tile

Black floors are a classic, and black vinyl flooring tiles are probably some of the most popular ones on sale. Black vinyl tile flooring comes in different patterns and styles, from dark imitation marble and granite to deep black surfaces or modernist patterns. Even using cheap tiles can make your kitchen go from blah to wow! In a weekend.

Checkerboard Vinyl Flooring

Another classic, black and white vinyl floor tiles can be bought separately or as a pack to accomplish a perfect checked vinyl floor. If the size of the tiles is too big and you are looking for a busier checkerboard effect you can also buy black and white vinyl tile patterns which have two white and two black squares on each tile. Cheap black and white checkerboard vinyl flooring is perfect if you are looking to create a retro or minimalist effect on your home décor, with minimal expense.

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