20 Must-Have Tools For Common Home Repairs

Having a set of tools at home is very important especially in cases when something goes wrong and needs a repair. Making home repairs means having the right materials and tools on hand to get the job done correctly and quickly. Even if you do not consider yourself a pro or skilled enough in fixing things, you still need a few essential tools at home. Below is a short rundown on the 20 must-have tools for common home repairs.

1. Hammer

This tool is used for prying up old nails, nailing up pictures, and knocking off old gutters in the garage, among many others.

2. Pliers

These tool come in various shapes and sizes. These are used for many different task applications such as cutting wires and gripping on something that the hands or fingers can’t grip. The most commonly used types of pliers include locking, needle-nose, groove-joint, and slip joint.

3. Wrench

This tool is used for tightening or loosening most nuts and bolts. It comes in various types which include Allen, adjustable, combination, socket, and open end. An adjustable type of wrench comes in handy when installing or uninstalling items at home.


4. Measuring tape

This tool is used to measure the size of doorways and openings to make sure that there is enough room to fit furniture or appliances through. It is also used to center pictures or any wall decor.

5. Cordless Drill

This tool is battery-operated and can be used to make assembling and disassembling things easier. It is used to screw and unscrew nails and make holes in metal, wood, or concrete. Typically, it comes with a bunch of various insertable bits such as a bore or flat-head.

6. Circular Saw

This tool is indispensable for cutting plywood sheets and lumber. It comes in various blades which include plastic, metal, masonry, rip, and crosscut. A 15-amp circular saw is recommended for various home repair projects.

7. Level

This tool is used to determine the horizontal and vertical leveling needs. It comes in various sizes, shapes, and lengths ranging from 6 feet to 30 inches. For home repair or renovation projects, a 2 or 4 feet level is most useful.

8. Screwdriver

This tool is used to tighten and loosen screws. This tool comes in handy when doing air conditioning maintenance at home as it helps you unscrew and open the AC cover. It comes in various types, which are designed to fit various screw heads like the standard head, Philips head, and torx head.

9. Pry bar

Also known as “cat’s paw”, this tool is used to pull nails or remove moldings. It is an essential tool for any home renovation or repair jobs.

10. Combination square

This tool is used to measure and mark different angles, depths, and heights.

11. Clamp

This tool is used to hold parts together while the glue dries or any clamping jobs such as gluing veneers to a core material.

12. Electrical tester

This tool is used to check if there is any electric current running through the electrical circuit before working on it.

13. Chalk Line

This tool is used to mark straight lines on plywood sheets, flooring tiles, or wallpapers for accurate cutting.

14. Stud finder

This tool is used for mounting or hanging heavy items on the wall.

15. Random Orbital sander

This tool is used for refinishing or finishing wood projects.

16. Auger

This tool is used for plumbing maintenance and repairs. It is used to unclog pipes, showers, bathtubs, toilets, and sinks.

17. Pipe wrenches

This tool is used to loosen and tighten pipes or any other plumping connection.

18. Propane torch

This tool is used to weld pipes and copper fitting. Torch with self-ignition head works best for various plumping pipe repairs.

19. Teflon tape

This thin, white tape is used to seal the pipe threads before connecting it with another pipe. This ensures that the air, gas, or water inside the pipe does not leak out.

20. Utility knife

A versatile tool that can be used for various cutting needs at home. It comes with replaceable and retractable blades.

Rachel is a blogger for Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Minneapolis who has a team of plumbers in Brooklyn Park, MN that specialize in common household repairs such as plumbing. You can follow Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Minneapolis @MPLSplumber.

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